We use a product called Lithomex to repair and restore degrading stonework or brickwork. Lithomex is specifically formulated to not only be compatible with masonry, stone and brick, but it can be accurately coloured to represent the surrounding area, making it an ideal and affordable alternative to replacing the area with new work.

Lithomex is based on a Naturally Hydraulic Lime, which means it is highly vapour permeable. This is a fundamental component to its increasing popularity. In bygone era, some repairs have been carried out using cements, which are significantly stronger than the stone or brick around it, this actually causes further deterioration to the very work being preserved. Lithomex has a strong enough 'set' to it to be finished/dressed with standard stone masonry tools, yet it will not cause any further damage to its surroundings.

A sample of one of more recent pieces of repair is below; This work was carried out on a central mullion in a church. Its an issue we come up against quite often, whereby the ironmongery that supports the stained glass suffers water damage and inevitably rusts, causing the stone work of the mullion in which it is situated to delaminate. The piece being repaired was Bath Stone and the final coat of lithomex was carefully pigmented to best match the surrounding stone.

Stone Repair

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