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A significant amount of our work is based in listed buildings and part of the historic character in some of these buildings are the decorative mouldings, cornice and ceiling roses that make them so elegantly unique.

We can repair and install internal and external mouldings as well as other decorative elements such as ceiling roses and corbels etc.

We spend a lot of time removing modern damp proofing measures such as waterproof cement plasters as well as concrete floors.

Concrete floors and their damp proof membranes can actually facillitate damp problems by pushing any ground moisture outwards and into the surround walls. A limecrete system uses an insulating hardcore, which is installed as a base layer, combined with a layer of limecrete, that can accommodate a underfloor heating system. This setup is now recognised by Buidling Control and therefore meets the requirements set out by building regulations.

Repairing damaged stonework can be a far more financially viable option to replacing sections of Bath stone, or Forest of Dean in their entirity.

In using lithomex mortar in our repairs it is possible to replicate both the colour and texture of the stone around it. Unlike repairs carried out using cement in the past, Lithomex is compatible with it surroundings and will not cause additional damage to the remaining stone like pigmented cements do.

Ornamental & Fibrous Plasterwork

All buildings require some form of protective barrier, the level of protection required will depend on a number of factors such as the exposure of the building, as well as its geographical location. Limewash can be applied to both internally and externally. If the building is highly exposed to the elements it will most likely require some form of limewash, if however the building is well protected, it could be left in a more natural state with an understated yet beautiful pointed finish. Pointing in itself offers significant and long lasting protection to a building providing it is not exposed to heavy weathering. Alternatively the pointing can be finished with a limewash, for that 'rustic look'.


Lime plastering and lime rendering can provide a breathable wall surface to a building, allowing moisture to be both absorbed and dispelled from the walls they are applied to. This approach can eradicate damp problems and assist in reducing the likelihood of wet and dry rot as well as associated damp oriented molds.

A key difference between internal and external plastering materials is the difference in their strength and therefore permeability. Internal plasters offer a highly breathable surface that can facilitate a healthy living environment by controlling moisture levels and reducing the growth of bacteria that affects asthma. While external renders are generally harder wearing and offer all the protection your building will need from the elements.

Here is some basic information highlighting the services offered by Just Lime. In addition to the trade elements listed below, we also offer full restoration and renovation services, main contractor, sub-contracting, and condition surveys.

These services are by no means all encompassing so please contact us should you have a query regarding any other form of conservation oriented work that is not mentioned.