To coincide with our plastering services we also offer ornamental plasterwork, such as ceiling roses and cornice. We're able to create bespoke items as well as replicate existing details.

Depending on the age of the property and its listing status, the options available are the following;

  • If its pre 1850; then all ornamental works would have been installed in-situ and are therefore one solid mass and should be re-instated as such.
  • If the building is post 1850; then its more likely that the ornamental works would have been cast on a bench and installed, this is called fibrous.

The former of these two options is by far the most rare occurrence these days and as such is generally more expensive as not only is the skill-set of this work lacking but it is more labour intensive and has a higher materials cost.

Fibrous work is a substantially cheaper and quicker process, as several pieces of cornice or ceiling roses can be poured in one day and installation is also quite quick.

Ornamental and Fibrous

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