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Just Lime Limited - Conservation Specialists

  • Public - £5,000,000
  • Employer - £10,000,000

Traditional solutions offer a simple yet effective approach to reducing the effects of damp.

Whereas the modern approach attempts to shut out water with impervious materials (such as damp proof membranes and concrete) that will inevitably fail at some point A traditional approach would  simply acknowledge the cause of the damp and provide a solution by means of re-directing and not blocking.

Just Lime Limited are building conservation specialists, offering a full range of services from condition surveys and assessments to main contractor and sub-contractor roles.

The approach taken by Just Lime is both simple and effective, we use traditional methods combined with a knowledge of suitable modern materials. We feel that our sympathetic approach acknowledges the requirements of both conservation and sustainability. So whether that means matching the lime mortar of the building to replace it 'like for like' or ascertaining what the best eco materials available are that can do the building the justice it deserves.

Our lime plastering services include the standard lime putty and horse hair build up, as well as more modern lime plastering approaches such as hemp plaster (which is a lime putty product) and Cork (a hydraulic lime product used for insulation). To protect the exterior of your property we offer a lime rendering service, and lime pointing, both of which can then be finished with a limewash or other mineral/silicate paint. Whilst our internal lime plastering products all use lime putty as the binding agent, our external lime renders utilise a naturally hydraulic lime to offer suitable protection against the elements. A lime render can be finished in a manner of styles, to match the style of the building or the specifications of an architect.

Just Lime strive to offer the best lime plastering service available, whether it be sourcing the best quality lime plastering materials, the most suitable products for the buildings requirements, communicating with you throughout the work process, or simply being punctual.

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Lime is far from modern, it is one of the oldest building materials available and its effectiveness is evident in the many awe inspiring buildings that are still standing thousands of years after they were built.

The simplicity of the material is what makes it so friendly as a building material, offering sufficient bonding, without compromising of flexibility or breathability

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  • All our plasterers carry the CSCS Gold card in Heritage Plasterint (NVQ L3)
  • Site Management & Site Supervisor certifications